Waste Management with RFID

Waste Management with RFID

Litum RFID technology solutions for waste pickup tracking provides accurate data on collection activity. With individual bin ID tracking in real-time, you can identify, locate and manage the waste collection process for a municipality.

Waste Management RFID System provides

  • Verify waste pick-up times with bin ID and real-time GPS data
  • Monitor garbage truck activity with real time map
  • Identify lost or damaged bins
  • Identify and locate misplaced bins
  • Associate waste collection activity with household account
  • Plan routes based on need

Waste Management RFID System Applications

  • Garbage collection, waste collection
  • Trash bin tracking

Waste Management RFID System Benefits

  • Cuts down waste collection costs
  • Improves overall efficiency of removal operations
  • Manages trash bin inventory, status and maintenance with increased visibility
  • Improve ROI
  • Streamlines household billing

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