Litum RFID RTLS system helps locate and track products, inventory, assets, and employees with highest accuracy. Our passive RFID RTLS systems are cost efficient and cover large areas with a single Impinj xArray RFID gateway.

Passive RFID RTLS System Features:

  • Real-time automated inventory
  • Real-time asset & equipment tracking
  • Real-time employee & visitor tracking
  • Movement detection with direction
  • Security and theft prevention

Passive RFID RTLS System Use Cases

  • Retail store automated inventory & item level location tracking
  • Hospital assets, equipment, consumables tracking
  • Industrial automation
  • Access control management
  • Luggage tracking at airports
  • Tool tracking at manufacturing facilities


  • Item level visibility at a lower cost compared to RTLS systems using active RFID technology
  • Increased safety and security with small, standard protocol tags
  • Large scale data collection and automated device management with Impinj ItemSense software

For Litum RTLS systems with active RFID technology please visit Litum IoT

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