RFID Traceability System

RFID Traceability System

Direct Control of Manufacturing Processes From Start to Finish

Take control of every facet of the production process, by tracking each component of a product and matching it to the product’s serial number.
Track critical components and materials used during manufacturing for defect monitoring and accurate reporting.

RFID Traceability System Provides

  • Electronically marking and tracking the critical components used in a product
  • Automatically capturing, storing, and managing information for each product’s components
  • Backtracking production information to any time, date, supplier, operator and assembly line to identify root cause of defects
  • Identifying and isolating all products that may be affected by a defective component

RFID Traceability System Applications

  • Manufacturing traceability
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Recall and warranty management

RFID Traceability System Benefits

  • Brand and reputation protection
  • Identification of possible quality assurance issues
  • Warranty data tracking
  • Reduced impact of recalls, liabilities, damage control and recall costs
  • Compliance to safety and quality requirements

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