RFID Reduces The Cost & Effort Of Asset Tracking

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March 13, 2017 litum

RFID Reduces The Cost & Effort Of Asset Tracking


Errors in the asset inventory and asset losses are among the most damaging events a company can face. Its cumulative effect can be downright ruinous to any business. Keeping your assets safe, secure, and easy to locate is essential. Yet, traditional methods make this much harder than it should be. The following article will cover the importance of asset management, the flaws of certain methods, and an amazing solution to your asset tracking needs.


Losing your assets, having an inaccurate asset inventory, or not being able to locate your assets could deal serious damage to your company. Most traditional methods of tracking and managing assets are time-consuming, tedious, and costly, to say nothing of their high potential for inaccuracy.



How do you keep track of your inventory?

Do you count your inventory manually once or twice a year?

While the seeming simplicity of manually tracking your inventory might be appealing, the impossibly low margin for error is not. One small gaffe can have big negative consequences, which makes relying on traditional methods to track assets a recipe for disaster.

So, how accurate is your inventory?

Let’s face it: Manual asset tracking can be a huge headache and, unfortunately, barcode tracking methods aren’t much better.

If you’ve ever discovered that your inventory is off or found yourself in a frenzy searching for a missing asset, you’re not alone.

You may think these issues are a normal part of doing business, but they don’t have to be. RFID asset tracking is an efficient solution to your asset tracking needs that is faster than any other method you can imagine.



Imagine being able to heighten the efficiency of tracking your assets and decrease the cost of doing so. What if you could also increase the accuracy of your asset tracking endeavors? With RFID tracking system and software, all of this is possible, and more!



Let’s start with the basics. RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. This is an advanced technology that utilizes small RFID tags to trace a company’s assets, purchases, and items, no matter how far away they might be. Although they can be as small as a grain of rice, these little tags make a big impact on how well a company runs.

Now it’s time to get a bit more specific regarding the benefits of using an RFID asset tracking system for your company or business. RFID can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your company’s asset tracking system, which leads to decreased expenses and boosts in compliance. That’s great! But it’s not enough to know what RFID can do for you, it’s also important to know how it does it. With that in mind, let’s discuss some details regarding the benefits of RFID.



Due to its high levels of accuracy and the fact that it’s much easier to implement than typical tracking procedures, RFID gives your company a panoramic view of its inventory. When you know exactly what your inventory consists of and have precise knowledge of its size, a host of common and costly problems can be avoided.

You significantly decrease your risk of asset loss, which reduces the need to repurchase lost items, a costly expenditure that can hit your company hard. How much money have you lost replacing missing items or making unexpected purchases because your inventory isn’t as big as you thought it was? How about overspending because your inventory was bigger than you thought it was? There are many ways that companies can lose money that are beyond their control. Preventable losses like these shouldn’t be among them.

As you may have guessed, the RFID asset management system also enhances compliance. It’s crucial to abide by the rules, specifications, and laws of your industry. Failing to do so can do serious harm to your company, and, in some cases, destroy it. RFID provides benefits that allow you to save time, money, and effort, all of which leads to increased compliance. Compliance is so much easier when you’ve got an accurate view of your inventory. When asset management becomes easier, so does everything else!


If you’re ready to leave the headaches of manual and barcode tracking behind to enjoy peace of mind and a business that runs more smoothly, Litum Asset Tracker is just what you need. To say that it makes asset tracking faster would be an understatement because it’s actually TWENTY TIMES faster than the manual and barcode asset tracking systems.

Litum Asset Tracker keeps an eye on your assets by tracking multiple identifying factors, such as the location, department, cost center, maintenance schedule, or person they’re assigned to.  Unlike other products of its kind, our asset tracking RFID system can keep track of several locations at the same time, allowing it to spot missing assets instantaneously.

The benefits of our RFID asset tracking technology doesn’t stop there, however. It also enables you to include documents, invoices, manuals, and photos with each asset. This simplifies the process of checking assets in and out to various employees, company departments, and locations. You can encode and print labels with an RFID printer by using Litum Asset Tracker system.

We use mobile RFID readers that can read several RFID tags from long distances, even if these tags aren’t visible to the naked eye. Litum Asset Tracker utilizes RFID tags that work wonderfully for a wide range of materials.

More specifically, Litum Asset Tracker works with the following materials and situations:

  1. IT and data center asset tracking
  2. Returnable transport assettracking (work-in-process carriers, containers, pallets, crates, bins, barrels, etc.)
  3. Mining, oil & gas asset tracking, and tracking underground assets
  4. Office assettracking
  5. Equipment tracking
  6. Tools tracking
  7. Hospital asset tracking
  8. Retail and POS asset tracking

These are only a sample of the myriad of items that Litum Asset Tracker works with. Better still, our RFID asset tags can be used in virtually any environment. They are designed to withstand the outdoors and are resistant to cold, heat, rain, snow, and other potentially harsh elements.

It doesn’t matter what kind of assets you’re trying to track; metal-plastic, large-small, indoor-outdoor, Litum RFID has a solution!

Although our customers love many things about Litum Asset Tracker, one of their favorite features is its ability to enhance their business without disrupting it. We use web-based asset tracking RFID software that integrates with SAP and other preexistent systems. This makes the asset tracking RFID system ideal for any business!

Let’s face it: Manual asset tracking can be a huge headache and, unfortunately, barcode tracking methods aren’t much better.


There are several reasons to choose Litum Asset Tracker. It has so many benefits that it can be difficult to keep them straight at first. Let’s break them down using a simple yet comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

What does Litum Asset Tracker Do?

  1. Decreases your inventory time.
  2. Enables you to attain a real-time asset
  3. Enhances your company’s ability to satisfyvarious compliance and reporting requirements.
  4. Eliminates unexpected losses, prevents overspending.


What’s Easier with Litum Asset Tracker?

  1. Initial tagging of assets
  2. Simultaneously counting assets at different locations.
  3. Detecting missing and mismanaged assets.
  4. Corrections in location, owner, cost center
  5. Keeping designated assets inside designated areas
  6. Check-in, checkout of assets
  7. Managing asset maintenance
  8. Monitoring asset uptime & downtime
  9. Preventing assets from leaving premises


What makes Litum Asset Tracker the best asset management solution?  

  1. Unlike other asset tracking systems, Litum Asset Tracker is extremely easy to use.
  2. It offers flexible tagging options that make the initial asset tagging process smooth and error-free.
  3. It enables you to take inventory on a regular basis, which significantly reduces instances of loss, misallocation, and mishandling.
  4. Litum Asset Tracker supports customer billing accuracy and ensures that you stay on top of equipment leasing agreements.
  5. Integrates with SAP and other ERP systems
  6. Seamlessly tracks assets with mobile and fixed RFID readers



Companies are keenly aware of how valuable their assets are. An increasing number of businesses are using RFID asset management systems to prevent loss, streamline the inventory process, and offer the best customer service possible.

Unsurprisingly, asset tracking is a booming industry that is set to experience continued growth in the coming years, with forecasted market size of $25 Billion in 2022.

As with any service, product, or industry, there are several providers to choose from, but only a few can reach the top of the industry. As a business owner, you know your customers deserve the best, but guess what? So do you: Litum RFID asset management solution reduces inventory cost, helps effectively utilize existing equipment through tracking and monitoring. It also streamlines compliance and internal reporting. Our RFID system tracks assets both in real time and non-real time.

For many years, we are helping airports, banks, government agencies, and many large companies to achieve their objectives. Litum Asset Tracker is the most comprehensive, flexible, fast, and easy to use solution, and these factors are driving the growth in our share in the asset management system market since 2004.

Learn more at: https://litumrfid.com/rfid-asset-tracking-system/

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