RFID Evaluation Kit: All You Need For Customer Demos & System Development

RFID demo kit consists of Impinj R420 RFID reader, Impinj RFID antennas, RFID tags

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Impinj RFID Evaluation Kit

RFID demo kit. Consists of Impinj R420 RFID reader, RFID antennas, RFID tags

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Impinj RFID evaluation kit enables you quickly demonstrate an entire UHF RFID solution to your customers.

All the pieces of a RFID solution brought together into Speedway Revolution Evaluation Kit. The kit provides users with a way analyze any RFID application, from pallet- and case-level down to item-level. By combining Impinj’s fixed readers, near- and far-field reader antennas, Monza R6 powered tags, and access to the latest Impinj support tools and documentation into one easy-to-install demonstration kit, customers can quickly demonstrate an entire UHF RFID solution.

The Speedway Revolution evaluation kit contents

  • Impinj Speedway R420 reader & power supply
  • 2 far-field reader antennas
  • 1 Impinj Brickyard antenna
  • 1 Mini-Guardrail reader antenna
  • 4 three-meter RFID antenna cables
  • RFID tag sample pack
  • Access to the latest Impinj firmware, testing software, programming libraries and documentation