13,56 MHz HF RFID Tags

A large selection of 13.56 MHz HF RFID ISO-compliant tags & inlays. Robust performance with medium, short, near field performance options.

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13,56 MHz HF RFID Tags



Product list

Product Antenna size(mm)Die-cut Size (mm)IC Data-Sheet
Smartrac Band Smartrac Band 23 x 7025 x 72NXP ICode ILT-M
Smartrac Block Smartrac Block 45 x 4548 x 48NXP ICode ILT-M
Smartrac Block Lite Smartrac Block Lite 47 x 4750 x 50NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac BullsEye Smartrac BullsEye Ø 33Ø 40NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac Circus Smartrac Circus Ø 16Ø 19NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac MiniBlock Smartrac MiniBlock 14,5 x 14,518 x 18NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac MiniTrack Smartrac MiniTrack 14 x 3118 x 36NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac RaceTrack Lite Smartrac RaceTrack Lite 45 x 7649 x 81NXP ICode SLIX
Smartrac StingRay Smartrac StingRay Ø 105Ø 108NXP ICode SLIX