RFID Event Management System

RFID Event Management System

Litum RFID helps reduce the administrative costs and overhead in event management by automating check-in, visitor identification, and registration processes for both event organizers and attendees.

RFID Event Management System Features

  • Automated access control with secure identification features
  • Lead capturing that can be used for event marketing activities
  • Visitor analytics with movement history
  • Automated self-registration and check-in
  • Geo-fencing sensitive areas and limiting unauthorized access

Use Cases

  • Tradeshow registration
  • Crowd management at events
  • Counterfeit entry prevention

RFID Event Management System Benefits

  • Improved business efficiency for venue owners, event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees
  • Improved targeted marketing
  • Improved statistics
  • Reduced labor and registration costs
  • Reduced waiting line times

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