Healthcare RFID System

Healthcare RFID System

Locate and safeguard medical assets.
Monitor staff and patients with real-time location information.
Prevent infant-mother mismatches, and abductions.
Reduce emergency response times.
Give patients & families peace of mind.

Litum RFID Systems improve safety, workflow, and efficiency in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and senior care facilities.

Healthcare RFID System Provides

  • Hospital asset tracking and monitoring
  • Staff workflow management – monitoring patient visit times, tracking wait times
  • Real-time location information about all critical resources
  • Faster response to emergency situations
  • Perimeter access control of patients with special conditions
  • Infant matching with the mother to prevent mismatches and abduction

Healthcare RFID System Applications

  • Patient tracking and safety
  • Doctor tracking and safety
  • Newborn baby tracking and safety
  • Elderly care center resident tracking and safety
  • Hospital asset tracking - RTLS
  • Ambulance asset tracking

Healthcare RTLS System Benefits

  • Increased hospital asset utilization and ROI
  • Increased security for patients, newborn babies, doctors and nurses
  • Improved staff workflow and throughput, reduced wait times
  • Reduction in claims, time away from work, and overtime
  • Improved service quality and satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage

For additional information about our solutions please visit Sanitag RTLS -Real Time Location Systems Optimized for Healthcare