Employee Tracking RFID System

Employee Tracking RFID System

Litum RFID delivers lone worker safety, forklift collision prevention, people tracking, emergency assembly management, and emergency help calling systems.

Our safety systems are easily utilized for any workplace with highly sensitive employee location tracking and monitoring accuracy. Litum RFID systems help locate workers swiftly in an emergency without reliance on WiFi and network connection. Monitoring persons entering hazardous areas lets you maintain strict safety guidelines for your staff and visitors.

Employee Tracking RFID System Provides

  • Wearable badge tags with help calling function and motion sensors provide an all-in-one solution that can also be used for access control
  • Precisely locate workers within a facility in the event of an emergency and provide help faster
  • Ensure only qualified people enter facility’s hazardous areas
  • Generate automated alerts in case of operator inactivity
  • Manage emergency assembly points and identify any missing employee who may be left inside

Employee Tracking RFID System Applications

  • Staff safety at manufacturing
  • Personnel safety at mines
  • Emergency assembly point management
  • Smart access control management with 7/24 monitoring capability

For our real-time staff tracking RTLS solutions, visit Litum IoT: www.litumiot.com

Employee Tracking RFID System Benefits

  • Reduces accidents and incidents
  • Improves emergency handling
  • Maintains a safer workplace