City of Dubai Waste Collection Tracking Solution

Municipality of Dubai tracks waste collection
by Litum RFID System

Provided solution

Together with our value added solutions partner, Dubai Technologies, we used mobile RFID readers that feature GPS, GSM modules and cameras to create a system of traceable bins. A total of 5,000 garbage bins were tagged with durable RFID tags. Nearly half of the the bins were plastic, while the other half was constructed of metal. Each garbage bin’s information was recorded to the database with a unique ID and GPS location. Each garbage truck was outfitted with mobile RFID readers. At each pickup, garbage collectors scanned the bin from inside the truck, receiving the data thanks to the RFID tags and readers’ long-range performance. Any bin damage observed by collectors was photographed, and the system automatically reported the bin’s condition.

Project scope

  • Verify waste pick-up times
  • Monitor garbage truck activity with a map in real time
  • Identify lost or damaged bins
  • Locate and replace misplaced bins
  • Improve waste collection routes


All of the garbage bins in the city are now cataloged with locations via GPS in a detailed database. The waste collection sessions are monitored on a live city map with data in real time. This provided a planning tool for the municipality managers to plan and improve waste collection routes in a more efficient way.

Any missing or damaged bins are reported immediately, with misplaced bins relocated to their proper location. As a result, customer complaints have been reduced.

Municipality officials can manage their garbage bin inventory better based on reliable information and can optimize the level of spare parts that they keep.