Medina Airport Asset Tracking System

Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport
tracks assets with Litum Asset Tracking

Provided solution

A custom software was designed to record, track and report airport assets in detail at the new Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport.

The airport administration and Litum engineers worked together to determine the most efficient asset tagging methods, asset classification, tag design, system integration, and required reports.

The software provided by Litum features advanced asset tracking, auditing, and reporting options. Along with the software services, Litum provided label printers and handheld readers that are utilized in the system.

Project scope

  • Manage airport assets with vital details, including cost center, location, maintenance intervals, vendor, invoice number, purchase date and cost, insurance provider, renewal date, and more
  • Quickly count and verify the assets throughout the airport
  • Identify misplaced items and maintain a correct inventory


Asset location accuracy, visibility, status and inventory is attained. Airport asset audits are performed in much less time and asset utilization rates and ROI were improved. Internal auditing and reporting procedures were streamlined.